The Terriers

The two Terriers, inspired by the Model Engineer, were built by Reg Day and were particularly useful with a portable track which I made into an oval 224 feet long x 8o ft wide following a near-miss calamitous accident involving a baby crawling across the up & down track while I was driving in reverse. I saw nothing of the incident and was only told about it a few days later following which there was no more up & down running. The bus was ideal for transporting everything with its rear centre door enabling easy access for all the equipment.

In 2001, both boilers failed on the same day so copper boilers were commissioned from John Ellis and fitted by Mike Weedon who gave both locos a major overhaul at the same time. Now residing at Ingfield they were active at the Brighton Exhibition in February 2016.

Text © Drummond Randall

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